Common Fears of the Dentist

Posted on: July 16, 2018

Fear of the dentist is more common than many think. Though most people put on a brave face when visiting the dentist, the truth is that the average patient is at least somewhat fearful of dental drills and other dental instruments. Some patients are fearful of dentists and dental hygienists. If you are fearful of the dentist, you should know you are not alone. Here is a quick look at the most common fears of the dentist.

Common dentist fears

Fear of odors and sounds

It is no secret that dental drilling generates noises and odors. In particular, the sound of dental drills invokes fear in countless patients. If someone has not been to the dentist in a while due to phobia, they should know dental technology has improved. Dental offices now use highly advanced drills to minimize odor, noise and pain. Laser drills are especially helpful, as they are completely silent.

Fear of dental professionals

The fear of dental professionals is almost always rooted in negative experiences at the dentist's office during a patient's youth. If someone has a fear of the dentist, it is time to face that fear. Meet with our dentist and dental hygienists as soon as possible. Once a new patient interacts with our team, they will no longer be as fearful of dental treatments, procedures and cleanings. Our team goes to great lengths to keep patients as comfortable as possible throughout the duration of their appointment.

Fear of the dentist's needles

Patients often fear injections from needles, as these sharp instruments seem to have the potential to be quite painful. If someone is hesitating to visit the dentist's office because they dread being injected with a needle, they should not worry. The dentist can apply a numbing gel to minimize the pain. Furthermore, our dental team has extensive experience with needles. We know exactly how to minimize patient pain and maximize comfort.

Fear of potentially sharp dental instruments

Dentists use instruments aside from dental drills. As an example, dentists rely on probes for plenty of dental operations. If someone fears such instruments, they should ask their dentist to explain exactly how they will be used in the mouth. Once it is fully understood how these instruments are used, the phobia will almost certainly dissipate.

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