How Partial Dentures Are Used as a Dental Restoration

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If you do not have all your teeth, you might need a dental restoration to help you chew better. Dentures are replacements when patients have missing teeth and other structures. A patient can get a couple of types of the dentures, such as partial and complete. While complete dentures are for all the missing teeth, partial dentures are a significant dental restoration. Keep reading to learn more.

About partial dentures

Removable partial dentures often have one or more teeth attached to the plastic base. Sometimes, there is also a metal frame connecting the teeth. The dentures are useful when there are still natural teeth in the jawbone. The patient might get a fixed bridge as a partial denture, covering the gap left by the missing teeth.

The dentist will cement the partial denture in place, so patients do not need to worry about it moving. It can fill in those missing spaces, stopping the other teeth from moving around. However, some types of partial dentures might be removable. Those might have clasps or fittings that connect to the crowns. No matter the dental restoration, it will be a natural fit.

Common questions about partial dentures

Understanding more about partial dentures can help patients make the right decision. After getting them, patients might have some discomfort or gum pain after wearing them a bit. That might happen because of the dental restoration rubbing against the patient’s gums. Or these might not fit correctly. The dentist can make some adjustments when needed.

Patients cannot whiten the partial denture like the teeth. Plastic makes up the device. When getting a partial denture, patients might want to have the rest of the teeth whitened first. Then patients can try to prevent staining on the dental restoration so that it remains white. The patient will need to clean the denture often to get rid of plaque and food bits.

Patients might use a soft brush, like a denture brush, to keep the stains away. Patients can use a non-abrasive cleaner or soap for removable dentures. Then patients can brush all the surfaces and only scrub gently. Regular toothpaste is too abrasive for the plastic of the dentures. Plus, some chemicals could harm dentures. For fixed partial dentures, the dentist will give the patient more detailed care instructions.

If the partial denture becomes broken, the patient will need to go back to the dentist’s office. That way, the dentist can repair the denture without breaking it. Patients should not try to fix the denture at home. That way, it will continue to fit correctly.

Pick the right dental restoration today

If you have missing teeth, you might consider getting partial dentures as a dental restoration. The advantage is that you will no longer have missing teeth. Plus, the partial denture can help keep your other teeth from shifting. Your dentist can help you determine if getting a denture is the right option for you.

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