Invisalign: Invisible Orthodontics for Teeth Straightening

Invisalign Littleton, CO

More patients are choosing Invisalign® for teeth straightening than ever before. You may be feeling self-conscious about your smile and crooked teeth. Perhaps you are wondering what method of teeth straightening you should use. Most people are familiar with traditional braces but might be hesitant to get them. If you are worrying that braces might not be for you, then you may have good results with Invisalign aligners.

Invisible teeth straightening

If a person wearing traditional braces opens their mouth, it is very easy to see the metal brackets and wires. Traditional teeth straightening braces have metal brackets, wires, and springs. Braces may also have rubber bands. Some dentists use colored rubber bands. Even with clear rubber bands, the braces are conspicuous whenever someone is talking or smiling.

With Invisalign trays, dentists use a digital program. It can design clear plastic trays that fit the patient’s teeth. The trays are clear plastic. Invisalign is almost impossible to see unless a person is very close. Some patients also need attachments with the Invisalign trays. These attachments are enamel-colored, making them inconspicuous.

Keeping Invisalign invisible

Because Invisalign trays are plastic, patients must take care with eating and drinking. Drinking staining liquids like tea and coffee will stain the trays. If patients want to have those drinks, they can take the Invisalign trays out and replace them after. People should always brush and clean the teeth after eating or drinking. Food particles and some liquids will stain the teeth and the trays. The trays will stay stained until the wearer moves to the next sizing.

Invisalign is discreet in other ways. The trays make it easier for patients to maintain good gum health. With traditional braces, patients may struggle to keep gums healthy. This can lead to swollen and inflamed gums. The swelling can get so bad that it begins to surround the metal brackets of the braces. Patients with Invisalign can easily brush and floss to keep gums healthy and looking normal.

For many patients, being able to see their own teeth throughout the straightening process helps with spotting any potential issues. Invisalign works when patients brush and floss after eating and before putting the trays back in. Invisalign patients often notice that their teeth appear whiter and cleaner. The clear trays also allow them to see the results of teeth straightening as it is happening. Whiter teeth and alignment correction can make a big difference in the patient’s self-image. Many patients find smiles become bigger and brighter while wearing Invisalign.

Quietly get the smile you want

For people who feel self-conscious about uneven teeth, a system like Invisalign is reassuring. Your smile is immediately noticeable to everyone around. Braces scream to the world that you are wearing teeth straighteners. You may not want to advertise to everyone that you are straightening your teeth. Invisalign lets you quietly get the smile and the oral health you want.

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