It’s Time for Graduation and Teeth Whitening

Posted on: May 4, 2015

Teeth WhiteningIn our dental office, we offer professional teeth whitening treatments that can drastically improve the appearance of our patients’ smiles.  If you are preparing to leave school and graduate from college – congratulations.  You couldn’t have gotten here without a lot of effort and hard work.  Whether you are getting your four-year degree or your masters, it has probably taken a lot of late nights to get here.  In many cases, these study sessions are fueled by massive amounts of caffeine either in tea, coffee or energy drink form.  We get that this is often a necessity.  However, these products can also stain your teeth and increase your risk of getting cavities.  Now that college is finally over, it’s time to give your teeth and gums a checkup.

We suggest that you visit our dental office to have your teeth examined and cleaned.  We can remove any plaque that has built up, treat cavities and help to restore your oral health.  Simultaneously, we can discuss your options for teeth whitening and improving the appearance of your smile.  Just like coffee and energy drinks can increase your risk for cavities, they can also stain your teeth.  Fortunately, these stains don’t have to be forever.

Why it is common for college graduates to need a teeth whitening treatment.

Given the amount of teeth-staining products that college students consume, this is the type of treatment that most people need.  Your dental appointment can be completed in an hour, so it is fairly easy to get the care that you are looking for.

Simultaneously, whitening your teeth can be just as important for your future job prospects as it is for your general appearance.  There have been studies conducted to determine if your smile can impact your career prospects.  It turns out that it does.  All things being equal, if you and a peer were to apply for a job with the same basic resume, the person with a better smile is more likely to be offered the job.  These studies also found that once you have the job, people with a better smile are more likely to get the raise.  It’s a competitive world out there and taking the simple step to whiten your teeth, might give you the edge that you need to land the job of your dreams.

You should schedule a professional teeth whitening, rather than doing it yourself at home.

If you want to see dramatic results, schedule a professional teeth whitening appointment.  Yes, you can buy products in the store but they will not produce the same level of results.  In fact, most people end up disappointed with how their teeth look.  This is because store-bought products tend to remove surface stains only.  Our solution penetrates through the enamel and starts the process of oxidization.  This changes the molecules inside of your teeth so that they reflect less light and appear colorless.  As they do, your teeth appear whiter.  You can expect your teeth to be eight shades whiter or more when you schedule a treatment with our dental office.


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