A Look at What Happens if You Skip Your Six Month Dental Checkup

Posted on: February 2, 2018

Dental CheckupSkip your six-month dental checkup and your gums and teeth will pay quite the considerable price.  It is even possible your entire body will be harmed by the lack of dental care.  Everything from heart disease to diabetes, stroke and other health issues have been connected to oral health.

Here is a look at what happens if you bypass your six-month dental checkup.

Tooth Decay Will Worsen and Spread

Everyone is susceptible to tooth decay, whether it is the result of poor diet or improper oral hygiene.  If you do not visit the dentist to clean plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums, you will have cavities much sooner than normal.

The dentist's bi-annual analysis of your teeth and gums provides opportunities to identify decay.  Once the dentist pinpoints the decay, the dentist can remove it and fill the space so the decay does not become larger or spread.

Six-month Dental Checkups Prevent the Onset of Gum Disease

Gum disease is the top cause of tooth loss in adults.  You can prevent gum disease with regular brushing and flossing combined with six-month dental visits.  The unfortunate truth is your daily brushing and flossing will not clean those difficult-to-reach portions of the mouth.  Nor will it completely clean between the teeth and the gum line.  

The dentist's in-depth cleaning is necessary to remove all the gunk that has built up along the gum line and between the teeth and gums.  The dentist's skilled hand and specialized dental instruments are the sole means of cleaning tartar from the mouth.  It is also important to note the symptoms of gum disease will not show until the condition has advanced.

Your dentist's comprehensive cleaning will slow or even prevent the onset of gum disease.  If this disease is slowly setting in, the dentist will be able to identify the initial signs and develop a strategic means of thwarting its progression.

Skipping Six Month Dental Checkups Increase the Chances of Oral Cancer Going Undetected

Your dentist knows exactly what to look for when inspecting for tooth decay, gum disease, wayward teeth, oral cancer and all sorts of other ailments.  There is no way you can pinpoint the signs of oral cancer on your own.

You need a dentist's knowledge and experience to identify the signs of oral cancer as soon as they manifest.  In fact, oral cancer might even be asymptomatic for a while.  It will take the eye of your dentist to determine if you really have oral cancer.

Your Health Might Decline if You do not Attend Six Month Dental Checkups

The risk for all sorts of health issues increases when you do not take care of your teeth.  Visiting the dentist every six months is essential to maintaining clean and beautiful gums and chompers as well as your full biological health.

Everything from diabetes to lung disease and heart attacks has been linked to poor oral health.  Adhere to a schedule of six-month dental visits and you will stand that much better of a chance of remaining healthy.

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