Preventative Dental Care Techniques You Can Do At Home

Posted on: January 2, 2018

CleaningPreventative dental care extends beyond fluoride treatments and deep cleanings at the dentist’s office. Some forms of preventative dental care can be performed at home without fancy dental instruments. Such dental care techniques extend beyond simple flossing and brushing. Here is a look at some of the top dental care techniques you can perform at home.

Choose Your Dental Products Carefully

Do not pick up random kinds of toothpaste, mouth rinses and floss from the health and beauty care section of your supermarket. There are substantive differences between the many different dental products on the market. Above all, the dental products you select should have fluoride. Of particular importance is fluoridated toothpaste. Instead of rinsing your mouth out with water following your nightly brushing, let the fluoridated toothpaste remain on your teeth to fortify tooth enamel as you sleep.

If you typically rinse with mouthwash after brushing, consider moving this step of your nightly oral health care routine back to the point between flossing and brushing. This way, the toothpaste’s fluoride is guaranteed to remain on your teeth throughout the night. If you live in an area that has non-fluoridated water, provide your kids with fluoridated water or a fluoride supplement.

Consume Foods and Beverages at Specific Times

A balanced diet loaded with diverse colors and nutrients will benefit your oral health as well as your physical health. If you plan on eating food containing a hefty amount of sugar, acid, starch or carbohydrates, wait until you are in a position where you can clean your teeth following the snack or meal. Immediately cleaning your teeth following a meal or snack will go a long way in preventing tooth decay. Otherwise, consuming such foods without a timely cleaning will leave harmful acid on your teeth that gradually wears away at the enamel and spurs decay.

Perform a Thorough Brushing and Flossing

Simply guiding a toothbrush over your teeth and moving floss them will not provide the thorough clean your mouth needs Brush at a 45-degree angle to the gum line. Clean the gums, all portions of the teeth, the roof of your mouth, your tongue and cheeks. Move the brush in short circular motions as you guide it across your teeth.

Use a foot and a half of floss so you can apply a distinct portion to each of your teeth and gums. Move the floss down into the space between the gums and teeth to fling all of the bacteria and food particles out of this sensitive space.

Clean Your Tongue Every Night

The tongue is a sponge for bits of food, debris, and fungi. This portion of your mouth should be cleaned just like your teeth each night. You can clean your tongue with your toothbrush yet you might have a gag reflex. Use a tongue scraper for a thorough clean without the gag reflex. Aside from eliminating bacteria from your tongue, a comprehensive daily cleaning will ensure the taste buds allow you to enjoy flavors exactly as they were mean to be experienced.

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