Common Smile Flaws

It is widely agreed that a beautiful smile makes a person attractive.  Many argue a lovely smile is the most endearing trait of those they are drawn to.  Unfortunately, it is quite easy for a gorgeous smile to transform into […] Continue Reading

What I Learned About Caring For Dentures

Caring for dentures in the proper manner will extend their lifespan, improve their functionality and safeguard your oral health.  The question is how, exactly, to care for dentures to maximize their utility and functional life. Below, we explain the nuances […] Continue Reading

5 Dental Secrets to Whiter Teeth

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What Is A Root Canal?

When it comes to root canals, most people are fearful and nervous.  Just about everyone is intimidated by this oral health procedure. There is a common misconception root canal procedures are incredibly painful.  Below, we explain what root canals are […] Continue Reading

Dental Treatments and Procedures can Provide You With a Gorgeous New Smile

Our dental care will revitalize an aged or otherwise flawed smile.  Whether you are concerned with a chipped tooth, stained teeth, misaligned teeth, a missing tooth or any other aspect of your smile, you should know it is possible to […] Continue Reading

A Look at What Happens if You Skip Your Six Month Dental Checkup

Skip your six-month dental checkup and your gums and teeth will pay quite the considerable price.  It is even possible your entire body will be harmed by the lack of dental care.  Everything from heart disease to diabetes, stroke and […] Continue Reading

What You Need to Know About a Smile Makeover

If you surf the web or read about health and beauty, you have likely heard about smile makeovers. A smile makeover is a cosmetic process involving one or multiple dental procedures to improve the look of your teeth and gums […] Continue Reading

Preventative Dental Care Techniques You Can Do At Home

Preventative dental care extends beyond fluoride treatments and deep cleanings at the dentist’s office. Some forms of preventative dental care can be performed at home without fancy dental instruments. Such dental care techniques extend beyond simple flossing and brushing. Here […] Continue Reading

Why Your Child Needs a Littleton Pediatric Dentist

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Everything You Need to Know About Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are a more secure variation of dentures that are supported by implants. Traditional dentures have plastic bases that are placed on top of your gums and they do not require any sort of implants.Implant supported denturesImplant supported […] Continue Reading